Everytime somebody registers to be an affiliate one user is created in Joomla but two accounts are created in Affiliate Tracker. I have been unable to find the reason for this. One account is always automatically approved after joomla user activation but duplicate second AT account is unapproved. How can I prevent AT from creating two identical accounts from one joomla user registration?

Also, how does the system know when somebody in one city signs up somebody in another city? I don't see any field for the downline person to enter the upline affiliates ID#. How can the system know who the new downline is if the new downline does not enter any code at the time of self-registration?
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    Friday, March 10 2017, 10:52 AM - #Permalink

    which plugins from Affiliate Tracker have you installed?

    About the "city" question.. I don't know what you mean. The city does not matter at all in terms of affiliation tracking.

    The way the system knows where the user came from is because the user will have accessed the website using an affiliate link.
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