Checking the VAT number of a professional customer located in the EU by the "" API is fine and works well.
Once done, the total amount on the invoice shall be expressed "VAT excluded" because in this case the VAT will normally be collected directly by the tax authorities.
OK, but in case of problem while collecting the VAT, the administation will ask us to provide the proof of the VAT validation.
In such a situation, the only things we could provide them are the responses (JSON or other format) that were received from the API during the VAT validation request.
So, my questions,are:
Does Invoice-Manager persist these responses ?
If yes, how to retreive them ?
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    Friday, August 31 2018, 11:08 AM - #Permalink

    we have the vat validation function, but that's it, it has no effect on anything else on the invoice.

    IM does not persist these responses.
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