I want to be able to make up invoices and send to customers, but the only cart I see that's joomla compatible and works with our marchant account (Elevon Converge) is Virtuemart. Then i found your invoice add-on, but it doesn't say it works with all the payment options that Virtuemart does - can you confirm that it does?

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    Tuesday, August 23 2016, 08:41 PM - #Permalink

    if you want the customers to Pay the invoices thorough Invoice Manger, then you must use one of our plugins (paypal, stripe,

    if you are going to use VM as a shopping cart, they can pay using this method, and you can use IM to create invoices automatically for those payments.

    but, if you want to create invoices with IM, and have you clients pay these invoices through IM, then no, Eleven Converge will not be an option...
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