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Just posed a question by email but would like to share the question and the answer to the forum. Questions:
"I would like to pose a question about "Papershape" - Seems to be a new project. Is papershape tametracking easy linkable to the invoice manager in a way I can link tracked time to an invoice? Or is there any other link? And: in the backend (demo) I see a nice dashboard but this is lacking in the frontend (clients login) - does paperless provide in a dashboard like the admin dashboard for clients (frontend)?
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Answer from Joomlathat:
Yes, PaperShape and Invoice Manager are linked.
you can read more about this: http://www.joomlathat.com/papershape/extensions/invoice-manager
basically you can "bill" tracked time to your clients.
in PaperShape there is a frontend (client) dashboard, but it is intended to be very simple, only so the clients can see the overall progress of their project.
you can see this in our demo if you log in.

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