Hi there,
Papershape looks really nice, and specially since you are able to integrate it with Invoice Manager. I personally use Toggl service to track the time because it's really simple and using their Desktop application makes everything really easy. I think having to log in into Joomla! backend is a bit cumbersome... Do you plan to release a Desktop app to manage papershape tracking or to include any csv import feature for time tracks? (later will allow using whatever app you want to track time and import time tracks later to Papershape, so it could be a nice alternative).


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Thursday, May 26 2016, 04:07 PM - #Permalink
Hello Carlos,

Thanks for your interest. No, we are not planning to release a Desktop application.. we are Joomla developers for now! :)

about CSV import, we don't have this, but will look into it for the future!
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