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I want to use Affiliate Tracking for J2Store and I want more information about how to reward the affiliate works with J2Store.

One more, which plan is suitable and what is Multi-level affiliates?

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    Tuesday, January 30 2018, 03:07 PM - #Permalink

    it works like this:
    if an affiliate refers a user to your website using his affiliate link, and this user purchases something in your website (through J2Store), then a new "conversion" will be created for this affiliate, which means it will assign a commision (whatever you set.. 10%, 5%.. whatever) for that affiliate.

    whenever you want, you can pay your affiliates the money you owe them, from their accumulated commissions.

    multi-level affiliates means this:

    it means that if you have affiliates that refer other affiliates, then you can have a "tree of commissions". meaning that the first level affiliate will get a commission, but the parent will get a commission as well.
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