Hi Germi,

In the songs editor there are fields for the song number and it's position. These are identical fields, but only position is used on the frontend. Now I have to fill in the song numbers twice, which is too much work.

I really dislike this option and I want to turn off the position field and use song number instead, is this possible?

Could you tell me which lines of code to edit?

thanks in advance ;)
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    Monday, July 05 2010, 04:21 PM - #Permalink
    1 - well, its not the same, actually. let me explain:
    a) the song number is an INTEGER that specified exactly what it says: the order number on the list of songs, for that particular song, inside that album. song number 17 means that this song will be ordered 17th on the list of songs.
    b) song POSITION, however, has no effects (almost) on ordering purposes: its purpose is only to DISPLAY a string to represend the song "position" on the album. why? what's the difference between this and song number? well, first of all, this field can contain STRINGS, and not only NUMBERS.

    on classic LPs (vinyls) songs "positions" (or song order if you want) are usually written with a LETTER, identifying the SIDE of the disc, and a number, identifying the song order on that side.

    then on a vinyl you have this:




    here is the difference. if you want to be accurate, the song number 5 will be in position B1, and not just "5"

    2 - anyway, its easy to skip this out. just go to /views/album/tmpl/default.php line 107 approx and change


    for $song->num
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    Thursday, July 08 2010, 11:30 PM - #Permalink
    Thank you, Germi!

    I appreciate it that you want to make MC very detailed, but we will not use some of the features. Most vinyls are available on cd as well, but i understand how MC works. Problem is that discogs fills in the wrong fields, which is very confusing.

    Anyway your solution fixed it on the frontend :)
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