I am new to Music Collection but have some experience with Joomla and many other components. I bought music collection to add a music section to our Social site using EasySocial and want to make Music Collection look as a good as possible to our members when we turn it on to them after setting everything up.

I am seeing the following font size is off in the component and want to be able to adjust it.

Where can I adjust the font field size to fit properly?

All fields look off in my installation. See attached photos.

I also notice that the drop down menus are also skewed or not correct size. I am trying to keep all components consistent in fields sizes and drop downs and need to adjust Music Collection before it can be used on our production site network.

Any help is appreciated.

Personal OSX Network
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    Monday, October 05 2015, 12:33 PM - #Permalink

    looks like probably some CSS in your template's files is messing with the input fields and make them look "smaller". if you can send me a link to the site I'll be able to check it and tell you what to change.
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