Different module for each artist?

Is it possible to display a different module for each artist?

I would like to add a twittter feed for each which only displays on that particular artist's detail page.

Btw, thanks for a really fun component!


What would solve the problem is the loadposition function of the Joomla Load Module plugin, but it doesn't work with this component.

Here's a free plugin that says it should work but it's for J1.5
JEZ load-joomla-module-anytime-anywhere

Here's one for J1.7 and it almost works...
Modules Anywhere

This last one seems to work with some modules but not others. It might be a javascript conflict/issue. It works in Content and K2 but not MusCol for some reason. In MusCol it gets stuck.
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    Wednesday, January 18 2012, 05:42 PM - #Permalink

    no, you can't have a different one for each artist...
    it's a global thing.
    the way to achieve what you need would be to customly build a new field "twitter" on artist profile, and display it in every artist...
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    Wednesday, January 18 2012, 11:52 PM - #Permalink
    The "Modules Anywhere" plugin seems to do the trick. It allows me to put any module inside a text area in Music Collection.

    For many/most modules it works great. Other modules are having trouble with the javascripts. The best Twitter module I have found so far is "Rok Twittie" from Rockettheme.

    I have gotten it to partially work but it still excludes SOME information when injected into MC artist pages.

    I am still trying to discover what specifically is causing the conflict in MC so perhaps I can find a workaround.
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