Revert to version 1.02

I'd like to start by saying that I'm very disappointed, after such a long wait for a new version and high expectations and having so much problems with no resolution in sight. I'm left with no options but to revert to the old version until the kinks are worked out or the full version download is made available. Most people are having the same problem and no opportunity for a fresh installation has been provided.

Here are my issues:

1 - JW Player doesn't work unless set to One player per song
2 - Not able to send song (s) or playlist into JW Player Module, keeps reporting "This playlist is not a valid XML File.


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    Sunday, August 30 2009, 10:08 PM - #Permalink
    then just disable the jw player module

    and it has nothing to do with a "fresh" installation or whatsoever, the upgrades provides exactly the same files and functionality that a fresh update.

    I'm working to solve this problem that SOME of you are having. I say SOME of you because for the vast majority it works FINE: that means that is some incompatibility with the playlist generation in YOUR server wich must have some configuration different than on the others.

    you must understand that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to test the version on all servers configuration.

    so I'm working on it, but you should have some patience and understanding.

    anyway, you purchased 1.0.2 because it was fine for you, so if you dont like the new version, uninstall the component and install 1.0.2 again and you'll be like you were at the begining.
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