Uploading a song

Before I upload a couple hundred songs, how much importance should I be giving to :
Disc Num
Song Num

Do I have to enter any thing here? Can you suggest a naming convention that I should use.... I want to do this the right way.... does this have anything to do with the "Users" uploading a song to the right area ?

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    Friday, August 09 2013, 04:04 PM - #Permalink
    the users can only add songs to albums that they have created.

    disc num: usually will be "1" (for a multi-disc album), but you can leave it blank.
    song num is the position in the album (1, 2, 3... etc). it can be skipped too.

    song Position is pretty much the same as song num, but in this case you this is the value that will be shown (also 1, 2, 3.. but A, B, C is also possible)
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