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I know I've seen this come up before but wanted a little feedback, etc. Is there a way to insert a full biography into an artists listing and have it look halfway decent? Here are the idea's I've been playing around with...This is more of a suggestion to the creators of Music Collection...and I welcome feedback from other users in helping to decide what looks better. Here are some sample pages as to what I am referring to:

Sample Artist 1:
This is how I want my pages to look...or something similar to this. Here, I am using a regular Joomla article and then using the MC article plug-in to insert the albums at the bottom. The drawback to this is the artist category has to be created in Joomla...then the artist bio page. Then, I have to create a duplicate category in MC...the user is effectively going to two different sections of the website...It's time consuming to set all of this up properly and once the user get's to the Discography, there is no easy way to get them back to the artist page in Joomla.

Sample Artist 2:
This would be set up the same as Artist 1, however, there is a short blurb in the top of MC that will take the visitor back to the bio page. It has exactly the same drawbacks as Sample Artist 1, but now more time is spent placing a blurb in the top of their MC page.

Sample Artist 3:
Directly in MC, but the bio looks like crap as there is no way to wrap the text around the social icons, etc.

The plan for this website (still in development) is to add photo galleries, etc so it is more than likely I'll have to go with Sample Artist 1.

Any thoughts, feedback, questions, comments, or other ideas? I chose Joomla for a reason and love MC (it's come a long way). This just seems to be a shortcoming that I'd like to get around.
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