Wishlist for Next Release

Here are some suggestions for MC. Lot of these are commonly requested on this forum or are common features used in other similar programs. These are some of the items I would love to see (in no particular order).

1. Multiple Genre Support.
The ability to use multiple genres with Artists, Albums, and Songs. Instead of being tied down to a single tag hierarchy.

2. Use Joomla Search for MC.
With MC being built on top of Joomla, it would be nice to be able to use the built in Joomla search. That way users can use the built in joomla search for all their search needs. Search articles, posts, mc artists, mc albums, and mc songs.

3. Updated JW Player.
Use the latest jw player to allow for better youtube integration, stability, html5 compatibility, and playback compatibility.

4. Improved Empty Playlist handling.
Would be nice to have a default image set to the jw flash player when one firsts visits the page. This would make the page more attractive. If done right it could also remove the tacky, "No valid filetypes found in this plyalist" message. An alternative could be to hide the display window via javascript until something is playing. An example of this would be, http://pulptunes.com:15000/ Notice how coverart window hides when not in use.

5. Multiple Artists Support.
Would be great to be able to assign multiple artists to both Albums and Songs. That way one can have "Queen", "Paul Rodgers" as both options, instead of having to make them into their own artist called "Queen and Paul Rodgers" that does not link to either.

6. Deny Direct Song Linking and Secure Music Access.
It would be nice to be able to keep the music outside of the web server root. As well as not displaying direct links to where they are stored. Most programs do this by scanning the file location of the songs and storing the location in the database. Then presenting the players with a coded location like mysite.com//song.php?songid=1 One could even take this a step further by adding session Ids to the url. That way the user is always authenticated, and the sessions can expire, so that the paths are not always out there and active. For example, mysite.com//song.php?songid=1&sessionid=1234567890

Please consider these items. They would greatly improved MC and put it on a more competitive ground with other applications. Also please check out the topic: http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/es/forum/suggestions/suggestions-for-next-release.html For more suggestions and details.

Thank you!
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    Germi, what are your thoughts?
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