new suggestions

1/some modifications for New Songs Module

i really think ,,,it would be very nice if you could add Player to New Songs Module ,,so visitors or members wont be forced to go that song page to check the new song,,i mean,,,insert JW Player into New Song Module,,so people will play and stream the song right away without being redirected to that song page,,,

2/importing songs and albums from other popular websites
and if there's an option that i am sure will make a lot of website owners feel great,,is the option of letting members able to import their songs from SOUNDCLOUD & REVERBNATION and why not other popular sites if its possible

just some suggestion,,i hope you take a look at them ,,and why not they give you some new creative ideas ,,,, :)

please do let me know if those suggestions are able to be applied ,,,specially the second one,,,
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