I'm considering MC due to its comprehensive Playlist feature. - I need a playlist extension whereby users/viewers of my website content(videos and audio) can build their preferred playlists from the front-end.
In that regard,I have two questions:
(1) I have two websites, in site-1, video/audio content is hosted in Amazon S3 / Cloudfront while in site-2 content is hosted in StreamingVideoProvider(SVP) platform.
Question: Using MC, will I be able to link to these two hosts so as to get my content into the MC playlists?
(2) Site-1 uses the HTML5 version of Flowplayer because of the following features: responsive,cross browser compatibilty, compatible with most mobile devices and ability to generate detailed GAnalytics events data especially the duration of viewing a video in seconds.
Question: Will I get these features with the JW player which is bundled with MC?
Kindly let me know the answers to the two questions so that I make an informed decision.

Accepted Answer

Tuesday, February 04 2014, 11:45 AM - #Permalink

1) well, if you have access to "direct links" of the songs in, say, Amazon S3, you will be able to link the songs to that location, so the answer would be Yes, but the process of adding the songs will be manual (one by one)

2) maybe not all of them. our player, which is JWplayer, falls to a standard HTML5, but this does NOT have GAnalytics, for example. so, I'm afraid I have to answer that NO, you will not have the same features you may have on your flowplayer.
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