playlists - can't figure them out

first of all, i'm not setting up my joomla site so people can create accounts, it's pretty much "read only" cause i just keep getting flooded with bot accounts. side issue.

i did set up a playlist menu item under featured artists and i see 2 playlists. but i see nowhere on where to create them. i see the "on the go" one that the menu created but when i try to add any song to it, it doesn't add. i look at playlists from the admin perspective and under playlists it's empty even after i created "on the go".

maybe i just don't fully "get it" but my goal is to use a playlist as an "audio archive" of our own house material and have 3-4 different lists people can load up from our own content.

any help appreciated.

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    Thursday, January 30 2014, 11:51 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Jerry,

    to add songs to the "on the go" playlist, you need to click on the "add to playlist" button next to each song.
    then, to "save" this playlist permanently, you need to click on the save button next to that playlist.

    if songs don't get added to the playlist, it could be some javascript error. in that case, I will ask you to review that you have followed all necessary steps on our Installation instructions. have you installed our System plugin, for example?
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