My website has been blocked by Hostgator for taking too much resources on a shared account. Now I have two options: 1) upgrade to a dedicated server or 2) optimize my MySQL database.
They sent me a bunch of error message that I don't understand but they are all related to the same component: jg5l7_musco_ ...
Does anybody have/had similar issue? Please advise.
Here are the errors:

Running Queries:
*************************** 1. row ***************************
USER: settat_kctest
DB: settat_kctest
STATE: Copying to tmp table
INFO: SELECT al.*, COUNT(st.id) AS howmuch, al.name as item_name, ar.artist_name FROM jg5l7_muscol_statistics as st LEFT JOIN jg5l7_muscol_albums AS al ON al.id = st.reference_id LEFT JOIN jg5l7_muscol_artists AS ar ON ar.id = al.artist_id WHERE st.type = 1 AND st.date_event BETWEEN "2014-06-01 00:00:00" AND NOW() AND al.id != 0 AND al.id IS NOT NULL AND ar.id != 0 AND ar.id IS NOT NULL GROUP BY al.id ORDER BY howmuch DESC LIMIT 7
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    Tuesday, July 01 2014, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
    The problem you have is with the music collection statistics table, which is probably grown too big.
    what you need to do is to either completely clean it, or at least clean old entries you're probably not needed (like.. all entries older than 1 month, for example)
    this table is jg5l7_muscol_statistics

    how many rows are there in it?
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