How can I add an "Appears On" section to the bottom of my artist page?

For example, let me use your demo here. I have an artist, Eric Clapton. He can be found here:

It only shows the albums that Eric Clapton is the album artist of. It does not show me any other albums that might also have his songs on them. This includes albums he contributed songs to, various artist albums, soundtracks, movie scores, etc. So from his artist page, I would have no idea that he contributed songs to the Concert for George album found here:

Is there anyway to add these albums to show up on the artist page? A good example of what works well is spotify. Here is a screen shot of there UI:

Any ideas how to accomplish this?
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    Friday, April 19 2013, 03:29 PM - #Permalink
    it's doable but requires coding as you know.
    I know you're a coder so here are some tips:

    on the album model file, you need a new funtion that will retrieve the other albums where the artist appears.. basically: you get the artist_id, you construct a MySQL query in which you search the songs table, WHERE artist_id = the id and you get the album_id..

    then you have the album info and you can display it on that page..

    as said, requires some coding..!
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