Hello Germi,
I have some issues found to resolve
#1. I want to restrict the mp3 files which are not able to download by the user so i set in the parameters download to nobody, but still users can be able to download through player As of now I can download for free by just right-clicking the player and save as….
please see the attached screenshot , i have gone through some forum links which are not helpful to me , If there is noway please suggest how to get rid of it
#2. Unable to upload songs in the album from the backend, recently i have installed RS firewall so my guess the settings have been changed for now i'm uploading through FTP and making it temporarily please let me know the perminent solution for this, Our registered user needs to upload their songs from the frontend directly please recommend here

Thanks for giving all at once in the component :-)
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    Friday, May 09 2014, 10:33 AM - #Permalink
    Hello Shawn,

    your subscription is currently expired, so you would need to renew it to have technical support access.

    #1 you cannot hide this, if the user has access to listen the song. I mean, there's no real way to prevent that: if the user can LISTEN the song, he will be able to DOWNLOAD it, using a method like this.

    #2 I don't know, I would have to see it. something in RSFirewall must be causing this.
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