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Hello there!
I would like to know if there is any chance to import an iTunes export file (xml or tab delimitated).
The music collection is big, I would say 550GB but excellent ID3-taged.
What is the price for such a script? (I think that such a method would be better as to import from a folder with a lot of subfolders. Anyway there are also albums which have CD1, CD2 etc.)
The collection and the Joomla with Music Collection is on a Synology-NAS so I think there is the possibility to point from /volume1/web/joomla to /volume1/music/, isn't it?

Thank you
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    Thursday, October 03 2013, 10:12 AM - #Permalink

    please contact us directly at support@ for custom coding and script quotes.

    yes I guess it would be possible to built and import for the XML file (or tab delimited), we would have to see its structure and how much of its data can be really imported.
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