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Hi there

Sometimes when I upload tracks to MC for example >>>> Calvin Harris - let's Go.mp3
Either MC, Joomla Or my hosting server stalls it in the following way >>>> Calvin Harris - Let/'s Go.mp3

This makes the track unlistenable and can neither download because its somehow added / to the title, this is very frustrating as now ive got to browse my whole music collection stored as some files are now broken because of this problem.

Recommendations to prevent this in future would be great.

Many Thanks
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    Saturday, July 13 2013, 03:37 PM - #Permalink
    some servers will add the "\'" to avoid some incompatibilities when storing in the DB (clearly it isn't working in your case)
    we can avoid this by simply "removing" the apostrophe characters when uploading the songs, and save them without it (the song would be saved as "Calvin Harris - Lets Go.mp3")

    would that work for you?
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