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I wanted to buy MC + CS but when I try to pay Pay Pal does not let me do so because for Pakistan it is not registered.
I am in Pakistan and want to buy the Package and I use VISA Credit Card kindly tell me some other way to pay so that I can buy this Extention.


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    Monday, October 21 2013, 09:53 AM - #Permalink
    Dear Tabish,

    I'm sorry that PayPal is blocking you. Unfrotunately PayPal does not accept payments with Card for some countries. for what you describe, it seems like Pakistan is one of these countries, I'm afraid.
    The first thing I would say is: do you have someone outside your country that could make the purchase for you?
    Otherwise, the only way would be that you make a wire transfer to us (in that case, contact us at support@
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