Taxes display in CSV export

I continue to explore and discover Invoice Manager.
One of the first reason I purchased it was the ability to import Virtuemart invoice and to export CSV data...
I just try few minutes ago to export to CSV file invoice as a CSV file.
Unfortunatly, some data are missing. Especially Taxes.
Final customer want a data sheet every month with some reccurent fields for each invoice :
1- Invoice #
2- Client name
3- Joomla user id
3 - Date of invoice
4 - Total amount without tax
5 - Total discount without tax
6 - Global Tax amount
7 - shipping/delivery
8 - Payment method
9 - Payment amount

Unfortunatly, only 1-4 are catched by Invoice Manager. Then global price (all inclusive !) with taxe, rebate, shipping with no detail, the same a second time (?) and payment status (payed or not).

I understand this is code to mod. But it would be fine - in the future - to have a control panel to manage the fields you want in your csv export (with radio buttons).

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    Friday, April 01 2016, 03:15 PM - #Permalink

    In the new version we are preparing, TAXES have a much improved way of being handled.

    One of the consequences will be that fields 5 and 6 on your list will be covered for sure.

    however there are other fields you mention that are not directly part of the "invoice", for example "payment method". payment method actually belongs to the PAYMENT inside that invoice. I understand that if you use this with VirtueMart, there's "one payment per invoice" and this association can be made, but you have to think that there can be more than 1 payment per invoice, in which case it would not be possible to make a "payment method" column, at invoice level.

    this would require custom coding yes.. this part at least.
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