I just got the invoice manager. And is so amazing I am finding infinite applications for it. Some of the most promising applications need couple tweaks or customizations, it would be great if we could contribute.

All kind of features:

1. A "lock" feature so regular admin can not create discounts, unless the super admin enters his password.

2. Statistics and graphic reports on Due, pending, etc.

3. Ability to add and remove fields from the invoice list view

4. More gateways.

5. Call back for gateways so invoice is mark as payed when the payment is received by the gateway.

6. Late Fee for the invoice so a late fee is automatically added to invoice after certain date.

7. User Groups.

8. Batch create invoice for all users, or for some user group.

am I dreaming?
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    Sunday, December 02 2012, 04:49 PM - #Permalink
    :) great suggestions Alberto! we are already working on some of these ;)

    for isntnace...

    2. we are working on this! :) you're reading our mind.
    4. more gateways too.

    and we're improving other things.. ;)
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