Hello, I need some urgent help..

I ENABLED the Recurring Plugin for Invoice Manager and it destroyed the backend of my site and it adds a large error code on the front end.

Here is the error:

1054 Unknown column 'i.is_recurrent' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT i.* FROM rqzhm_invoices_invoices as i WHERE i.is_recurrent = 1 AND rec_nextdate = "2013-07-18"

I have also attached a screenshot of what it has done to the doesn't matter what i do, where i go, what i click on etc, it gives me that view

I am happy to send logins, but i can't work out if this post is public or private....

I guess also, with the amount of money you ask for your extensions, I 'expect' a support ticket system, not a public forum....
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    Thursday, July 18 2013, 09:54 AM - #Permalink
    ok, just disable it for now.

    the problem is very easy to solve: the Database was not upgraded correctly with the new version (apparently it can happen some times)

    please send me access data (joomla and FTP) at support@

    also, you can always contact us there for any support questions whatsoever if you prefer private support
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