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I'm using the recommended plain text editor for the template for the online invoice and some of the tokens work and others do not. Before you ask :-), yes, I have data in the fields the tokens are pulling from.

The tokens that do not work for me are: to_company, zipcode....

Also, you can see that the template has added two line breaks when the code has simply one?


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    Tuesday, January 21 2014, 04:58 PM - #Permalink
    hmm.. the code is actually working, I think.. I have re-checked it.
    first: in the code you show, there's no {to_company}... is there?
    and is the zipcode filled out..? I know you say it is :) and I believe you.. but I just checked the code and all the values are processed..
    we are using the same exact version, and we don't have any issue with these tokens..
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    Tuesday, January 21 2014, 05:20 PM - #Permalink
    I needed to have the fields complete before making the invoice and now it works. For example, I added a zip code and company name after I created the invoice, and it would be "update" itself on the invoice. Thanks for the reply. That silly line break is still there though :)
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