Two questions about invoice manager

Just have two questions about invoice manager that i couldnt find in your product page. Can i integrate invoice manager with virtuemart (automatic creates invoice when a new order is placed)? Also i would love to know if it's possible to create delivery notes from the component, like a package slip or similar.
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    Wednesday, August 07 2013, 09:18 AM - #Permalink

    1. no, VM integration is not available, not out of the box.
    2. well, there is a "Notes" field in the invoice (actually, 2 fields: public notes and admin notes). is that enough for what you need?
    • Christian Nielsen
      more than a month ago
      Ahh ok, thats to bad, need the integration with VM. What i mean with delivery note, is a separate paper like an address label for boxes etc.
    • Germinal Camps
      more than a month ago
      oh, ok. no there's no separate "delivery note" available. and the VM integration would require custom coding work.
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