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Hi, Is it possible to have a map shown based on data from Easyblog or some other blog/article creator in Joomla ?
for instance I would like to make a post saying about a gig or live concert I am doing and then put in the location where it will be, this way over time as a musician my map will slowly be built up showing markers for where the gigs are.

Easyblog already has something like this (location map) but the options on the map for front-end are very limited, I wanted something to show old gigs with say green dots/flags and new gigs with red flag/dots.

so just wondering if buying "content statistics" would help this issue ? or if content statistics is just for back-end

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Tuesday, October 01 2013, 02:21 PM - #Permalink
No, Content Statistics won't help with that... bascially because it paits mostly "countries" (it does not "flag" locations), and also it works with the data collection within Content Statistics...
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