PDF not showing on invoice


I use invoice manager for years now and every few months i encounter the same problem :(

The company logo doesn't show up on the PDF version of an invoice, I have tried everything:

- PHP settings allow_url_fopen ON of OFF tried both
- Renewed the SSL certificate
- Completely removed the SSL certificate
- Tryed {company_logo}
- also tryed the full URL to the logo

Nothing seems to work the pdf keeps telling me "Image not found or type unknown"

I have searched the forums and many people have the same problem over and over again, no one knows how to solve this problem, can you please help me because it's driving me crazy ....

Also if i try to upload a new logo file it says : logo-vervangjeaed-voor-pdf.png is not a valid file type it doesn't matter if i try to upload a png, jpg of gif, always the same message.
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    Friday, September 23 2022, 07:36 AM - #Permalink
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