PayPal button links to PayPal UK

I've just about got everything setup but I am experiencing an issue where choosing the paypal button to go to the paypal page takes the user to to a PayPal UK address (i.e.,

If I switch the country dropdown on the payment form to United States, it correctly changes to PayPal US (i.e.,

I tested the PayPal setup by creating a button from the paypal site and clicking on that takes me to a correct PayPal US page.

I need the button it to automatically go to the US PayPal. Also, how can I change the PayPal button to one of the different button options PayPal offers?
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    Thursday, January 08 2015, 04:58 PM - #Permalink

    the fastest way you can change this is by opening the file:
    and on line 38 you will notice this:

    try changing it to:

    os simply DELETE the line. let me know if that helps!
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