LOGO-problem on Invoice and Quote

I tryed diffent ways to add my companylogo to quotes and invoices. Nothing works. I see the logo while editing the template. But when I create a PDF it doesn't show it.

I searched info, followed the instructions etc. Can't get it to work.

Without a proper logo on invoices I can't use this component, so I'm a bit stuck here.
Please help.
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    Wednesday, February 23 2022, 10:32 AM - #Permalink
    Searched elsewhere on internet and tryed some things.

    For me the next easy solution works for this moment:

    I edited my template in the HTML-editor section and got it like I want it to be. Only the logo doesn't show.
    To fix the logo issue I went to the Plain text editor part and edited the link to my logo to the absolute link to the logo. So it looks like this" https://www.website.com/media/logo.jpg"
    Now the logo shows up on invoices etc.

    Only thing: When you later edit your invoice in the HTML editor and save the template this absolute link changes back and so you have to fix it again. But its workable now.
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