Invoice Manager Template wont switch

I have created a new template yet when I switch to it as default, in Options, it still displays the old one.
I have tried changing to the other one still it does not answer.
I am trying to include a message that tells the client to treat the invoice as receipt if they have paid.

How do I make it switch to the new invoice template I have created? I just installed the latest version 1.4.7 on top. Please help
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    Joan Vilà
    Joan Vilà
    Thursday, November 12 2015, 02:29 PM - #Permalink
    Hello Adedayo,

    By setting the new template as default, you are applying the changes to the templates that will be created from this moment.
    However, the ones you have created, will still have the old one.

    You can edit the templates of the invoices you created before by editing them one by one, and manually selecting the new template.

    Please tell me if that helps,
    • Adedayo Adeniyi
      more than a month ago
      Thanks Joan. Happy New Year. Sorry my comment is late. I edited the old one, after backing up, so that got my issue sorted. Your answer makes sense though, as I was expecting an old invoice to change based on my new template. I will keep this in mind next time. Thanks again.
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