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I have three bugs that are causing issues. Here they are.
1. The component menu on the left side of the page is missing on the backend for the Invoices and Quotes page.
2. The invoices and quotes will not load on their respective pages in the backend until one of the sorting options on the table is clicked.
3. When editing an invoice or quote when it saves (auto or manual) a new page is loaded. The new page is displayed from "/administrator/index.php". It contains nothing but a and tag. In the body wrapper is what appears to be mostly raw data from the MySQL table. Other than the body contents the page is empty.

Issue three makes it impossible to use the component. By way of information I am running IM 2.1.1 Joomla 3.6.2 and PHP 7.
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    Monday, September 19 2016, 04:14 PM - #Permalink

    looks like your editor "codemirror" was causing this.

    the JS error on the page that was causing this problem came from this editor plugin.

    I have switched the editor in your joomla main configuration, and now it works fine. can you take a look?
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