I lost a lot of time, and money, like many other JoomlaThat customers, to find and report the detrimental effects of the many malfunctions found in Invoice-Manager, particularly when it is supposed to catch data from HikaShop orders

If JoomlaThat is not able to solve the critical bugs that make Invoice-Manager unusable with HikaShop, the question now is how to uninstall properly Invoice-Manager and clean the database of everything this app has created there

Can anyone tell me how to do this properly ???

Thanks for your help
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    Wednesday, September 19 2018, 09:53 AM - #Permalink

    I'm very sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with IM.

    what are the critical bugs you are talking about?

    you mention that "many other joomlathat customers" are experiencing this.. I don't know where you take this from.. IM is used by hundreds of users and it works very well for them. I'm sure if you have found some problems we can help you solve them and have IM working great for you.

    to uninstall, simply uninstall using joomla installer, and then delete all the tables on your database which name starts with "_invoices_"
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