hi! I am website developer who bulding investment site. Please, let me see demo of invoice manager component.

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Wednesday, August 21 2013, 01:09 PM - #Permalink
we don't have a backend demo, but you can see frontend demo here: http://www.joomlathat.com/account/invoices

for backend information, you can check our articles or documentation articles to see screenshots that will help you get a better picture.
  • mess schwein
    more than a month ago
    how can i get the payment to "my invoice in frontend"? have you something like manual for this component?
  • Germinal Camps
    more than a month ago
    what you mean exactly? you mean how can you "pay in the frontend"? You can pay in the frontend with our payment plugin (PayPal). in our demo (the link I posted before), the payment method is there but it's disabled because it's a "demo" invoice, but in real invoices you would be able to actually pay.
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