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Is there a way on a per invoice basis, to show without payments or with payments? So, the first time I send the invoice, it really is an estimate - and does not require payment. But, if the customer says yes, I would like you to do this work, switch on the payments so they can pre-pay?

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Monday, April 21 2014, 10:11 AM - #Permalink
you can do this by changing the template.

by the way, in our new version 1.3, there IS a new area for QUOTES, which can be converted into INVOICES.
  • Street454
    more than a month ago
    Just what I was looking for! I will wait for the new version! Hope to see it soon. THANKS!
  • Germinal Camps
    more than a month ago
    oh, the version is already out! :) it's in the "My Downloads" area!
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