Since today, the logo image is not shown anymore at the pdf invoices and quotes (download backend) .
There is nothing changed on our Joomla/ Virtuemart installation, so we don't have a clue why this is.
I tried to set another logo, .jpg in stead of .png, give full permissions to the logo-file. But this all didn't work.

Our php settings are also unchanged :
Magic quotes : off
allow_url_fopen : On

The message I see on the invoice is:

Image not found

But the .jpg file is available in that folder. We even set full permissions for the folder media/com_invoices to test of this was helping. But it didn't.

For your information; We only use pdf invoices en quotes in the backend. We mail the invoices/quotes to customers and print a copy for our administration.

Is there something else I can do to solve this issue?

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    Tuesday, May 30 2017, 05:49 PM - #Permalink
    The logo is back again. Besides the above things i tried on the invoice template, I haven't done anything .
    In the quote template I didn't change anything, and left it the way it was. .

    What has caused the problem is still a mystery, but for now it's solved.
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