PDF download link issue when SEF enabled Issue

Hi there,

I have some issue with "Download PDF" link/button for invoice manager.
I am using "My invoices Layout" Menu Item Type so users can view their invoices on the frontend. Everything works fine except the "Download PDF" link/button. When clicked, it redirects and shows the invoice as if I have clicked the "View invoice online" link. The PDF feature itself works fine and PDFs are being attached normally to the emails, also there is no issue with downloading PDF from the backend. So I have investigated a bit and found that issue lies in components/com_invoices/helpers/helpers.php file with download_pdf_button method. I have SEF urls enabled and it seems it fails to rout properly in this case. When I use the URL directly e.g. by removing JRoute call from links it works fine. So I am going to fix this for myself by just removing that and using links directly, but I think it would be better if someone from your team would investigate the issue and provide a fix.
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