For some Reason I need a different Template for any invoice on wether its status is completely paid or not.

I guess it's my problem but the question will be : does the html Template will accept conditional content based on the status in my case (javascript ?) ? And anyone can help if Yes ?

Another way : invoice displayed and "downloadable" only if completely paid ?! How to ?

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    Sunday, July 08 2018, 07:11 AM - #Permalink
    this is actually a tricky question..
    actually, you COULD do this (JS conditionals) if you are famliar with VUE.js and its syntax.
    however, this would work only for the "online" views, not for the PDF downloads... so it would be just a partial solution to your problem.
    if you need a "full" solution, then custom coding is definitely needed...

    about invoice only available if completely paid, this requires a bit of coding as well.
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