Blank preview on backend Issue

I have made a fresh instal of Invoice manager and when I generate an invoice or a quote, the preview on backend is blank (see screenshot joined).
The PDF is good and the frontend preview is good. This a fresh instal and using the default layout for Invoice and Quote. I have made no change on this layout.
I also noticed this 2 error messages in the consol :
Vue warn: Error in render: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'BILL_TO' of undefined"

found in


vue.js:1743 TypeError: Cannot read property 'BILL_TO' of undefined
at translate (common.js:178)
at common.js:312
at Proxy.eval (eval at createFunction (vue.js:10667), :3:1303)
at VueComponent.Vue._render (vue.js:4535)
at VueComponent.updateComponent (vue.js:2788)
at Watcher.get (vue.js:3140)
at (vue.js:3217)
at flushSchedulerQueue (vue.js:2981)
at Array. (vue.js:1839)
at MessagePort.flushCallbacks (vue.js:1760)
logError @ vue.js:1743
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    Wednesday, December 18 2019, 07:07 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Germinal,
    sorry : i've been to quick on this topic.
    Actually in configuration, General tab, I choose French for "Default language for new invoices".
    I have sure miss something there, because when I choose "english" back, the preview was back again.
    The thing is that I don't know where to attribute a template for a specific language.
    Is there any parameter for that somewhere ?
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    Wednesday, December 18 2019, 07:09 PM - #Permalink
    My first screenshot I forget to join...
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    Wednesday, December 18 2019, 08:52 PM - #Permalink
    OK how dumb can I be sometime...
    To choose French Language in Configuration > General tab > Default language for new invoices and have everything work properly, I first have to upload the french file for language "fr-FR.com_invoices.ini" in language > fr-FR.
    More : I'm the one who share that translation on this forum some years ago!

    Sorry, hope you just loose time to laugh a little bit. it's all due to stress :)
    Let me close this stupid ticket now...
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