Exporting invoices to CSV Bug


I'm trying to export invoices to CSV but I obtain this error in the browser console (answer section):


Se ha producido un error.

0 json_decode(): Argument #1 ($json) must be of type string, stdClass given


It always worked fine until I upgraded to Joomla 4.

The error also happens exporting quotes.

Thank you and best regards
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    Saturday, December 30 2023, 04:06 AM - #Permalink
    This info can help:

    Joomla version: 4.4.1.

    Working in Joomla backend, not frontend.

    Scroll down with mouse doesn't load more invoices, contacts nor payments. Scrolling in Quotes view yes, it loads more files.

    Browser console shows this message:

    You are running Vue in development mode. Make sure to turn on production mode when deploying for production. See more tips at https://vuejs.org/guide/deployment.html vue.js:8553:45
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    Monday, April 08 2024, 10:23 PM - #Permalink
    3 months later and no answer.

    Thank you.
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