The last time we noticed sometimes invoices seem to dissapear.
We first tought we had deleted the invoices by accident ourselves.
But now the search function does work again in Invoice Manager we discovered we could find the missing invoices when searching for them.
But they only were not listed in the list of invoices and/or quotes.
All of the "missing" invoices en quotes were from customers with only the first name filled in.
For example, not Micheal Jackson, but only Micheal was filled in. So ust a one-word-name.
We have changed all those customers, and added another word.
And the invoices and quotes were back again.
Now we know and will always use more than one word in the name field of the customer.

Maybe it is rather unusual to make a quote with only using the first name, but in our case it often happens,
People request a quote by email without giving their complete name.

Maybe it is worth solving this in the next update?

But of course it is also possible we are the only one who are having this problem.
In that case I should be glad to hear it.

Kind regards,

Francis Brouwer
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    Friday, October 28 2016, 03:07 PM - #Permalink

    in Invoice Manager there's only one "name" field (full name), not separated fields for first name and last name...

    I really have no clue of what you're describing... it really makes no sense to me...! :) the system does not care about how many letters the name has, or anything like that...

    Nobody has ever reported this before.. this is really strange..

    I can take a look if you want...
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