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Just encountered a couple bugs.

First, i'm experiencing the invoice date error that a few people had previously experienced. I checked my server and Joomla timezone settings. Everything matches. But dates are still showing up a day earlier than what was set.

(Am running the latest version of Invoice Manager)

Secondly, occasionally when re-saving a invoice after making a edit to the due date or the type of invoice (normal or recurrent), if i try to send the invoice as a email to the client i get a server time out. Looks like it varies on what it hangs on. But it normally hangs on some cls.php file located in the dompdf helpers include directory.

Any thoughts on how i can get these two bugs fixed?


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    Wednesday, December 03 2014, 04:46 PM - #Permalink
    Hello Sean,

    this date missmatch, where does it appear? in the invoice list on the backend? in the invoice itself (when rendered)? both?

    about the hangout problem: do you have any issues when exporting the invoice normally to PDF? (using the PDF icon)
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    Thursday, December 04 2014, 11:03 AM - #Permalink
    The date issue is only happening on certain invoices. I am seeing it on both the invoice itself and the invoice list page.

    The PDF renders on some invoices but not others. (reason why i'm having a hard time tracking down the error)

    Is your PDF generation dependent on a certain variable or response being passed... is this why its timing out?
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    Thursday, December 04 2014, 05:33 PM - #Permalink
    but only on some invoices? that is weird.. the normal thing is that it would happen to all (or none, logically). can I take a look at it? you can send access at support@

    same thing for the PDF invoices. if you can indicate to me which behaves OK and which doesn't, I'll be able to find the pattern that is causing this.
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    Tuesday, February 24 2015, 02:58 AM - #Permalink
    Were you ever able to log into my setup? That date and PDF issue is still happening... I was never able to track down the issue causing them.


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      more than a month ago
      no, I don't recall... did you send it to me?
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    Thursday, March 05 2015, 10:38 PM - #Permalink
    Yeah... back in December i sent you some login credentials...

    I made a few edits to your code in the default.php file under administrator/components/com_invoices/views/tmpl

    Maybe you can review them and possibly add them to your next update... so when i update next time it wont erase my fix?

    Around line 82
    The math for "All pending income" wasn't always adding up correctly. So i simplfied it and created a new variable. and then entered that variable into your helper script.

    //Sean's Quick Change

    $billed = $this->totals->total_invoices;
    $paid = $this->totals->total_income;
    $total_Outstanding = $billed - $paid;

    echo InvoicesHelper::format($total_Outstanding, $params->get('currency_before'), $params->get('currency_after'));

    Then around line 187

    The whole date issue where it was always displaying a different date than what was set on the invoice. (no mater what my server or Joomla date/time settings were set to)

    i did the following:

    if ($row->invoice_date == "0000-00-00 00:00:00") echo JText::_('NOT_SETTED');

    //Start Sean's Fix
    $raw_Date = strtotime($row->invoice_date);
    $fixed_Date = date('M d Y',$raw_Date);
    echo $fixed_Date;
    //End Sean's Fix

    //JHTML::_('date', $row->invoice_date, JText::_('DATE_FORMAT_PAYMENTS'));

    This fixed the first issue i started this thread about.

    I am still trying to track down why some invoices will properly export to pdf and some will not. Usually if i delete the invoice that has the issue and then recreate it and start over again it will sometimes fix the problem.

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