The URL provided y the expansion of the {company_logo} token have some bad "\" separators.
Here is an example of what this token provides :
The back-slashes don't cause problem with the "Online version" rendered view, either in the frontend and in the backend, but it is not accepted by the PDF generator of invoice-Manager.
When we try to open the "PDF version" of an invoice or a quote, the placeholder of the company-logo is not filled with that logo, and an error message is reported instead. That's also the case when opening the PDf in the backend with the instant view.
The only solution i've temporarily found, is to replace this token by an explicit relative path, for example a path like that :
this is obviously not what we could expect
Furthermore, when doing that, if the "PDF version" rendered at the frontend completes well, it is not the case for the "PDF version" rendered in real time by the instant view at the backend side
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