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I’m mainly interested in tracking file download activity. I’m using multiple instances of Zoo’s Download Archive on a site. Also have some files downloadable from articles.
Can I track download activity on each Download Archive instance separately?
Can I track numbers of .pdf,.doc,.mp3, etc. files downloaded per month per instance and sitewide?
Can I track how many .pdf,.doc,.mp3, etc. files downloaded by user?
Can I track file downloads from articles and Download Archives combined, or do I track them separately?
Can I add a new file extension to track (.brf, which is Braille file for the blind)?
Can I pull this info out as reports on the backend, as well as it being stored in the database?

Thanks, Kevin
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    Wednesday, July 23 2014, 07:28 PM - #Permalink

    - the download are tracked "all together", however, when you display rankings, for example, you can filter each module by its "application" (instance).

    - well, yes, again, you can track the download number, and these numbers are filterable by application on the modules (not on the component backend list view, tho)

    - by user: yes.

    - the downloads are tracked no matter where they are downloaded from, as long as the link for download is a zoo-internal link (not a direct link to the .pdf or whatever)

    - the track of downlaods doesn't depend on the filetype. if it's a download from Zoo, it will be tracked.

    - yes you can export this data into CSV and see it on the list view.
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