Missing Content in Content Statistics MC 3.0

Hi all, Late but happy new year...

One thing I am really missing in CS is the content statistics for MC.
I mean I can see witch albums are viewed witch songs etc etc.. so that's working fine.

But I cant show the real content of my collection or am I missing something?
- how many albums
- How many artists
- how many songs
- how many country's
- etc

Thinking this is a bit strange for a content manager not showing the content statistics..
But as I said maybe its there but I am doing it not correctly, than please explain..


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    Monday, January 16 2017, 10:45 AM - #Permalink
    Content Statistics does not show you this, because this are just "plain numbers"...

    CS shows you ACTIONS over TIME (album views, etc)

    an "album" itself is not an "action"...

    do you know what I mean?
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