I just purchased CS yesterday and set up with component and a hand full of plugins.
Today setting up some of the admin modules & notice that when I set up "mod_content_statistics_map" with Virtuemart, com_content, etc the module shows up but with no map present.
But also when I select Zoo>Article Views, etc, this breaks the whole styling on the admin template.

I have added the Google Map API Key, but no maps show?

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Thursday, October 13 2016, 10:33 AM - #Permalink
which is the configuration for the map?

also, have you got a IPinfoDB.com API key?
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    Tuesday, October 11 2016, 09:56 AM - #Permalink
    My Question about the actual map is still the same, but the ZOO problem is resolved now, but I cant seem to edit my original question.
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