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Hi there,

I've just purchased Content Statistics (Extended Professional) and I bought it on the basis that, according to the blurb, it can 'monitor everything that happens on my site' and 'can work with any Joomla extension and component'. Out of the box though it doesn't live up to that. I therefore have some questions/comments around it:

1. My home page only contains modules, no articles or components on the supported list, so how do I capture statistics for this scenario? As it stands I can't capture any traffic to my site via the home page.
2. How do I create a plugin? Is there any documentation for this? I've managed to create a com_jumi plugin based on the com_contents plugin and I've got it working to the point where it's storing all the correct information in the #__content_statistics table but I can't get any modules working, e.g. evolution in time or ranking, with this data. Some documentation around this would be much appreciated.
3. With a com_content evolution in time module, even although I only specify the 'data1' elements, the resultant line graph plots an empty 'data2' element. Is this a bug?

Cheers, Garry
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    Monday, November 11 2013, 11:04 AM - #Permalink
    helo Garry,

    1. Content Statistics can track actions on "components", that is, on actual site pages. if the homepage is just a set of modules, these are not caputred (because modules are not "pages", in any case, they can "appear" on pages.. do you know what I mean? all things trackable must have an URL)

    2. you're on the rigth path. I asume you're a coder. the same way you've been able to track the data (with the first function on the plugin), you also need to create the other two main functions that will "provide" the data to be displayed. We don't have a documentation for this, but following the com_content plugin is the way to go (it contains the necessary functions and a bit of exaplantion). if you need more help on this please feel free to contact me at support@

    3. no, it's not. if you only want to display 1 data set, then you have to choose the "evolution in time" module, not the Compare module, which requires at least 2 data sets.
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