Module installation not working

I have some issues:
-the modules are not installed (even if it says that they are successfully installed) and not visible in Extension manager (or when creating new module)
-Start and end hour in the day and week views not customizable.
-option to get ride of Private/public (only need normal public event)
-my site is in French, but still comes everything in English

thanks in advance
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    Thursday, October 02 2014, 12:18 PM - #Permalink
    - that's strange, that the modules don't show. could you send me access at support@

    - what you mean? you mean for each event?

    - it would need to be removed by code

    - well, you need to create a translation file. you can duplicate the file /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_calendarplanner.ini into the folder /language/fr-FR and change the name to fr-FR.com_calendarplanner.ini, and then simply translate its content to French.

    let me know if that helps.
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