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Hi started a second question as there was sufficient in the previous one I just raised.

What I find happens is, if the view is Day Week or Month and there is an item in there that I have created, if I click on it, it opens in a popup for me but it is an editing one, not for viewing the item. However, this prevents me from clicking the link that I add for event time announcement - instead i have to copy and paste the url into a new browser window - it also means I have no "view item" button. If you upgrade this can you have it so that event creators can select to open it for editing or for normal viewing? If I create on my back-end admin acc, and then view on my front-end user acc there is no issue as I just see the detail of the event.

So I can open it fine if the view is List, however although there is apparently the facility to go to list and select a past date, it isn't refreshing the view for me. When I mouse over the from date it still displays todays date, however clicking the select date does still contain the previous value I had selected.

I am not 100% sure if this is not (in part at least) caused by the fact that my template provider changed the code for calendar planner (coz of the bootstrap version issue). Note I will very shortly be changing to another template that will not have this conflict and will reinstall Calendar planner and redo my target= customization, so it is as it should be.
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    Monday, September 08 2014, 03:25 PM - #Permalink
    thanks a lot for the suggestion. yes, we will definitely think in making this option available even for the form edit mode.
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